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2011 UPDATE: John Thornhill's Coaching Program is now back on the market with a massive 96% discount, you can now get your hands on the coaching for just $19.99. That's $19.99 ONE TIME, there are no recurring fees or one time offers.

2010 UPDATE: John Thornhill's Coaching is no more, it has now become "John Thornhill's Marketing Masterclass". Please click on the link for more information.

From: Undisclosed
To: Seeker Of Classified Information

My goal was simple.

I was to gain access to John Thornhill's coaching program and then expose the content that I found inside.

The first part of my mission was the easiest, I had to gain access to the Coaching Program. Normally places on the program only come up every 4 months, but luckily I managed to sweet talk him with a combination of my twinkling blue eyes and a shot of Newcastle brown ale.

After 5 Minutes Alone With Me He Was Smitten...

...and granted me access to his "Fast Track" coaching.

This meant that I didn't have to wait 3 months for a regular coaching place to appear, I was in the door and ready to expose what had previously only gone on behind closed doors. I started to take screen shots of the members area, and started to write my report. All was going smoothly...

Until I Recorded This Video...

After a few phone calls and a lot of brown ale, we both agreed that there had been a misunderstanding and John allowed me back into the members area. (He also offered to pay any medical bills that came as a result of his Bruce Lee moves)

We both agreed that a "secret expose" (pronounced x-po-zay) might actually be a good thing....and here's why!

The Coaching Review Is Actually Very Good!

Put simply, there was (or is) no dirt there for me to expose! The claims made on the John Thornhill coaching sales page are actually 100% true and genuine, and he delivers everything he promises.

The coaching takes place over 16 weeks, with a new task for you (the student) to take part in each week. Each week's task is fully documented both written, and video step-by-step guides. You are then given the chance to discuss the week's task with John and ask any questions you may have.

At the start of the 16 week course you will probably be a bit of a sceptic, you might even think it sounds like a scam. But by the end of the course, with help from John Thornhill and his team, you will have the following all up and running, earning you money:

  • Your own blog
  • Your own product
  • Your own sales page
  • Your own business clickbank account
  • .....Your own sales coming in!!

And let's face it, who better is there to give you one on one coaching (or mentoring) than John Thornhill, the man who last year turned over a quarter of a million dollars in sales! Want to join him?

- Secure Your Fast Track Coaching Now -

And if you are still un-convinced...have a look at some of these screen shots from inside the personal coaching area that show you exactly what you are currently missing out on.

Coaching Week 4 Video
Week 4 (Step 1) Video: How To Choose A Niche


Week 8 Reading Material
Week 8 Reading Material: Completing Your Sales Page


Adding order button to your sales page
Week 8 (Step 8) Video: Adding Payment Button To Sales Page


Creating viral eBooks to promote your product
Week 15 (Step 3) Video: Sourcing PLR Material For Your Own Viral eBook

I think the above screen shots should have done enough to give you an idea about what to expect inside the private coaching area. In my opinion, the coaching offered by PlanetSMS...that's his eBay username by the way. John first started his business on eBay using the "PlanetSMS" name, to this day he still runs his powerseller business on eBay!

So why not head on over and:

- Secure Your Fast Track Coaching Place -

The coaching has been running for almost a year now (at the time of writing), and there are many students with some great success stories, all of which can be found on the coaching page that you can get to via the link above.

Thanks for reading,

*This site is in no way connected to John Thornhill and PlanetSMS. The views expressed on this page are the views of the exposer and the exposer alone. John Thornhill may, or may not like Newcastle Brown Ale. You can find a history of John on our "exposed blog".

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